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Hybrid Air Conditioner

Get a Hybrid Air Conditioner From Superen Australia


Superen Australia is widely known for our commitment to protecting the environment, and that is why we offer a hybrid air conditioner. Reduce or even eliminate the energy costs involved in keeping your home cool with one of our hybrid solar AC units. These hybrid air conditioners can run off solar panels during the day, when you need their cool air the most and switch to the grid when the sun goes down.


How Much Do You Know About A Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner


Solar technology has been advancing in leaps and bounds, so, understandably, many customers are not familiar with some of these developments as they relate to a hybrid air conditioning system. These hybrid systems take the best parts of off-grid solar air conditioners and the conventional ones that run on the grid. Here are a few facts about these innovative air conditioning systems:


  • In an off the grid solar air conditioning system, solar panels gather the energy of the sun to power the air con and to store in batteries for use when the sun has set. These all run on DC (direct current) and are entirely separate from the AC (alternating current) of the power grid.

  • A hybrid air conditioning system applies solar panels to power the unit during the day but does not contain a bank of batteries for use when the sun is down. Instead, it is connected to the power grid and uses it for any energy needs larger than the solar panels can provide. For daytime use, when you need your AC the most, this can cut energy costs from 80 to 90%.

  • Because the hybrid unit accepts DC power directly from the solar panels, it can keep your home cool even in power disruptions during the day.













The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding A Hybrid AC Unit


For frequent users of air conditioning, a hybrid system will pay for itself with reduced energy costs, but remembering the following points will help you get the most out of your unit:


  • The number of solar panels can vary depending on your needs. As hybrid systems do not have a bank of batteries, it is best to maximise panels to power the system.

  • Even when there is nobody home during the day, keeping the hybrid system running when the sun is shining is the best option. This method will use the energy from the solar panels to keep your home cool for when you return. By doing this, you will keep your operating costs down compared to cranking the unit up when you get home.

  • For those that want true off the grid air conditioning, one of our DC models might be a better option. These include a bank of batteries that store any excess energy for later use.


Signs You Should Invest in An AC DC Solar Air Conditioner


Almost anyone who regularly uses air conditioning can benefit from one of our hybrid units, but there are a few apparent signs to look for to know if one of these systems is right for you. If any of the following fit your situation, it might be time for a hybrid AC unit:


  • Consider at what times you use your air conditioner right now. If you use it a lot during the day or in the late afternoon, a hybrid unit would be able to reduce your operating costs considerably.

  • Air conditioners are often the largest single user of electrical power in the average home. Determine how much of your power bill comes from your AC unit and envision keeping your home cool without that cost.

  • If you live in a remote area, power outages can be more frequent and longer-lasting. Instead of suffering when the power goes out again, a hybrid AC can keep your home cooler while you wait for the electricity to come back on.


What You Stand to Gain if You Use Superen Australia


When you purchase a Superen Australia solar hybrid air conditioner, you will be keeping your home fresh while at the same time lowering your energy usage substantially. People use air conditioning because the energy of the sun heats their homes to an uncomfortable level. Using that same energy to banish the harsh heat of the sun makes logical sense. A few of the other benefits of buying one of our hybrid ACs are:


  • Unlike many other hybrid AC systems, ours do not use electronic inverters. An inverter converts DC to AC. These systems have improved their efficiency, but there is still a significant loss of energy when they are inverted. Our system removes that problem.

  • Many customers find that their hybrid system can handle all their air conditioning needs without any power from the grid. It is much hotter during the day when the sun’s rays are shining brightly, and this is the same time the solar panels are collecting the most energy.

  • For true off the grid air conditioning, the hybrid system can be set only to take power from the solar panels. When the sun sets, the system shuts off, which reduces your operating costs to zero.


About Superen Australia

Superen Australia is devoted to offering environmentally-friendly solar-powered and hybrid aircon systems. We provide the highest quality solar air conditioners in the world to keep the people of Australia cool while lowering or even eliminating their operating costs. If you are interested in learning more about our solar hybrid aircon systems or any of our other options, contact us today.


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