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Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioner

Install an Off-Grid Solar Air Conditioner You Can Trust for Years


Did you know you could add an off-grid solar air conditioner to your home and enjoy robust cooling at the push of a button without frustrating power management or a sudden loss of service? It's true — and this is no ordinary air conditioner, either. At Superen Australia, we're proud to be the domestic supplier for a range of products designed to provide the most versatility and functionality for those putting in the work to reduce their environmental impact. With units that can connect directly to panels, better, cheaper cooling is here today.


Key Questions to Ask Superen Australia About Using Off-grid Solar Air Conditioning in Australia


This innovative technology isn't exactly standard yet, so it makes good sense to have many questions about how it works and how it could benefit you. Some of the questions you should consider during a conversation with our team include:


  • How many panels does it take to be able to power the unit you provide fully? A typical installation requires only four panels, but we can provide you with more in-depth insights as needed. 

  • Is the unit noisy, maintenance prone, or otherwise tricky to set up and operate? No! Find out how our unit stands head and shoulders above others.

  • How quickly could my investment pay for itself? Let's crunch the numbers together. 


Why an Off-grid AC Solar System from Superen Australia is a Cost-Effective Choice


Most homeowners know that adding anything related to solar power can mean a hefty investment, even if it pays dividends down the road. How can you ensure you're making the right selection now? Take a look at the other ways you save money with our help:


  • No need for an inverter. Many other solar setups require conversion from the DC power produced at the panel to the AC power most appliances use to run. Our hybrid unit, however, does not — it can use a direct DC connection to draw all the energy it needs directly from your panels.

  • Easy installation and no special maintenance needs. While a licensed installer must set up the unit on your property, it otherwise functions as a typical aircon, so there's no need to worry about unplanned expenses. 

  • Dramatically drops your power bills by removing the need for any grid or generator power to run an aircon. During field tests, a 97% reduction in energy consumption for the aircon, was typical, representing incredible savings.














Signs You Should Invest in an Off-grid AC Unit 


Not sure if this is the right choice for your home? It might be time to take a step back and have a closer look at the circumstances you're in to determine if it's a good idea. Here are the signs that say it is:


  • Electrical bills that are too high in the summer. When the heat is at its worst, so too is your spend at its largest. Now is an excellent time to look for ways to cut that number down to size. 

  • A lack of dependable access to other sources of electricity, especially in applications that are truly "off-grid." When you want cool air in a place you might not usually have it; an off-grid solar-powered air conditioner is the right choice.

  • You want to fit a solar system that reduces your carbon footprint as much as possible. Embrace environmental responsibility with hardware that serves your needs and your goals. 


Why Trust Superen Australia When You Need an Off-grid Air Conditioner?


With a robust product that can help to save you money, it's easy to see the appeal of an off-grid aircon. Why seek out one from our business, however? There are many reasons:


  • We are among the only importers and suppliers of this innovative technology in Australia. Preserving our reputation is important, and we conduct ourselves honourably in every transaction. 

  • We're dedicated to helping homeowners save the planet, save money, and stay comfortable in the meantime. Our mission has remained the same since our inception, and we continue to strive to help our customers identify the best solutions. 

  • We've cultivated an extensive network of retailers we trust to provide top-shelf service in your pursuit of an off-grid AC system. With access to the quietest and most dependable solar AC currently on the market, our network of retailers makes it easy to acquire a unit for your own home. 


About Superen Australia

Founded with the goal of making hardware critical for the preservation of the environment more accessible, Superen Australia provides access to the best off-grid AC on the market right now. With a laser-like focus on providing our customers with a top-notch level of service, we continue to strive to expand access to an easier, better way to cool your home. Find out where to purchase one of these units today.

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