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Solar DC Air Conditioner

Superen Has the Perfect Solar DC Air Conditioner for You


Superen dedicates itself to protecting and preserving our environment, and that is why we are proud to provide a solar DC air conditioner for those who want to reduce their energy footprint. Enjoy a cooler home with an AC unit powered exclusively through solar panels, or use one of our hybrid models that can take power from the grid when needed. Our solar powered AC units are the highest quality available in the world.


A Short Buyer’s Guide for a DC Powered Air Conditioner


A DC powered air conditioner is designed to run entirely off the grid using a combination of solar panels and batteries to store the sun’s energy for use when it sets or can’t provide enough power for your system. Here are a few things to consider when looking to buy a DC powered AC unit:


  • One of the most significant benefits for such a system, beyond reducing the operating cost of the unit by one hundred percent, is the lack of a power inverter. Power grids use AC or alternating current while batteries, solar panels, and off the grid ac units operate on DC or direct current. Power inverters always result in some waste or power loss. Without an inverter, your system will run more efficiently.

  • Because all your AC unit’s power comes from the solar panels, you must install enough of them to provide for your needs. We suggest installing four to ten panels, but the perfect number will depend on your home’s ac needs. Should your needs grow, you can add more solar panels later.

  • Batteries are required to provide power when the sun’s rays are insufficient. Talk to us to determine the best quantity and size for your home.














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What You Can Expect From Superen Australia Regarding A Solar Powered DC Air Conditioner


There are several benefits that you can expect when you install one of our off the grid solar powered air conditioners. Among them are the following:


  • Air conditioning uses a lot of power, and with our off the grid DC units those operating costs can disappear entirely. 

  • Power grids can go down, leaving homes without an off the grid ac unit sweltering until the power is restored. Our DC models will keep operating in these situations.

  • STC’s are available for our products, meaning that you can get the panels for free!


Why Trust Superen Regarding 48v DC Air Conditioner

Superen manufacturers the highest quality solar air conditioners in the world perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy off the grid living in comfort or anyone who wants to reduce their energy consumption. We are devoted to promoting the efficiency of our products and continuously enhance them with our R and D department, searching for new technologies and improvements to offer our customers the best products, including dc aircon. Contact us today to learn more about how one of our units could cut your utility budget significantly.

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