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Solar Powered Air Conditioner

Keep Your Home and RV Cool with a Solar Powered Air Conditioner


Australia is renowned for its heat, and savvy Australians have started saving money by using a solar-powered air conditioner. This technology is the perfect modern development to support sustainable initiatives while virtually eliminating energy costs associated with air conditioning. Keep reading below to learn valuable information about our solar air-con systems and how they can help you.


Fast Facts about Solar Aircon


The solar air conditioning system is an essential part of satisfying our future energy needs. Consider the following points regarding sustainability:


  • After the solar panels are constructed, these devices don’t require any fossil fuels to operate. Instead, the solar panels work solely off the power of the sun once they’re installed into the system. 

  • A solar powered air conditioner doesn’t only work during the day. You can store excess energy in batteries so that you still have access to power even when the sun is down.

  • You can choose between hybrid air conditioning or 100% off-grid air conditioners. Our team is familiar with both and can address the major distinctions between them so that you understand why we may recommend one model over the other.


Why Solar Powered Air Con Is Cost-Effective


Next, it’s essential to recognise how solar power proves to be a cost-effective method of cooling considering  the initial investment.


  • While there are many conveniences such as the power for your air conditioner still running even if there’s a downed power line, the main benefit is in the decreased monthly power bills that add up over the life of the system.

  • Unlike a gas generator, solar panels don’t have moving parts that are prone to breakage. You’ll need to keep the panels clean and ensure that the connections remain safe, but otherwise, the system is very low-maintenance.

  • When you use a solar air conditioning system for your RV, you no longer need the vehicle’s engine to be running to get cool air. You can save on gas by turning off the RV and letting the sun power the air conditioner in the closed space so that you come back to a nice, cool RV after a day in the sun.

  • Solar power literally takes energy from the sun shining down on the earth. This energy is practically free, simply begging to be utilised. We’re taking a page from the plants’ book and absorbing the energy that the sun is giving away for free.














Tips for Getting More Value out of a Solar Air Conditioner in Australia


We have several recommendations regarding how you can get the most out of a solar panel air conditioner:


  • Rely on a system made from high-quality materials. The technology behind solar energy is improving every year, yet it remains fragile if dealt with harshly. Show the equipment care and respect, and you’ll have an air conditioner that remains with you and works well for years to come. 

  • Use solar panels that are suited to the climate conditions around you. For example, we have a poly solar panel that’s PID-free and is ideal for high heat or high humidity environments. This panel can maintain higher efficiency under those circumstances than more general panels.

  • Be intentional about where you place the panels on your home. Pay attention to where the sun falls and how much direct sunlight hits the spots you’re considering installing these panels. If you optimise the spots with the fewest obstructions and the greatest amount of daylight exposure, then you get more value from your panels.


Why You Should Trust Superen Australia Regarding Solar Powered Aircon


We’re the leading provider of solar-powered air conditioning equipment, a reputation we’ve earned by possessing an unfailing dedication to exploring the latest technologies and applying them to home and RV air conditioning methods. We’re also known for several other facts:


  • We have the highest-quality solar air conditioner in the world. There is no direct competition that produces better solar air conditioners, and we’re proud to supply these machines to homeowners and businesses in Australia.

  • Superen was founded in 2012 and has since expanded to more than 30 countries. People around the world respond to our dedication to quality and customer service. We have always been interested in providing exceptional service to our clients and believe that when we do our job correctly, we create customers for life.

  • Our goal involves protecting the environment through increased sustainability and protecting our customers’ wallets through cost-effectiveness. We will work with you to determine the best solution to incorporate solar energy into your air conditioning systems. After a thorough examination of how you use the air conditioning and how effective the panels are likely to be in your home, we can make a firm recommendation for your ideal system.


What You Stand to Gain by Using Superen Australia

You can join an exclusive family of those who use the most trusted name in Australian solar powered air conditioning.  Consider yourself as part of the solution in making a more sustainable Australia over the next several decades. With our solar air conditioning, you can enjoy the summer and the outdoors as seen from the road while still enjoying the comforts of civilisation. Contact us today to review your needs and learn which air conditioner is suited to you.

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