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Solar Powered Split Air Conditioner 

Superen Australia has the Solar Powered Split Air Conditioner For You


Superen Australia is known for our commitment to providing high quality products at the cutting edge of technology, and that includes our solar-powered split air conditioner. The sun’s power is responsible for the heat that requires you to use an air conditioner in the first place. With one of our solar powered split ac units, its power can help banish that heat, keeping your house cool while lowering your energy costs in the long run.


A Short Buyer’s Guide for A Solar Split System Air Conditioner


With solar-powered air conditioners, there are a lot of options available, and it can be difficult for consumers to find the right unit for their home and needs. There are on the grid and off the grid models as well as hybrid models. Here is a short guide to these three types detailing their benefits:


  • An on the grid air conditioner is run through the power grid like the rest of the electrical devices in your home. With these units, you pay the same rate for powering it as you pay for your other devices, and if the power goes out, so does your air conditioning.

  • Our off the gird models use a combination of solar panels and batteries to provide power to your ac unit. This arrangement effectively reduces the operating costs by up to one hundred percent during the day and night and is the perfect option for those living off the grid or for boats, motorhomes, or remote locations away from utilities.

  • The hybrid system offers the best of both the on and off the grid systems. During the day, when it is needed the most, it can operate on up to one hundred percent on power from solar panels. When the sun sets, and the power from the solar panels wanes, the hybrid system switches back to the grid. 













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Why Superen Australia’s solar-powered split system air conditioner is Cost-Effective


The air conditioner is often the single largest energy-consuming device in the average home, and it is needed the most during the day when the sun’s rays are the strongest. Here are a few ways solar powered air conditioners can save you money:


  • Using the energy from the sun to power your air conditioner can reduce and sometimes completely remove the operating cost of the unit, drastically reducing your power bill.

  • Our hybrid units can be programmed only to use the connected solar panels for power. When they offer insufficient energy, the unit will shut down and not use energy from the grid. 

  • Another benefit from the hybrid unit is our Solar Hybrid Inverter with its incredible efficiency minimising wasted energy.


What You Stand To Gain if You Use Superen Australia

As we are the importer and distributor of the highest quality solar air conditioners in the world, when you come to us, you know you will get top quality units. We are committed to a vision of protecting the environment by manufacturing and designing products that use solar energy to power the highest energy-consuming device in most homes, their air conditioning. If you are as committed to the environment as we are and want to cut your energy costs with a mini-split air conditioner or any of our other units, contact us today.

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